About ITS

Todd Stark - Information Technology Services - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Todd Stark, Proprietor

Todd Stark provides customers the benefit of his 20+ years of experience in Information Technology
development, design and support paired with his positive, collaborative attitude that solves business
issues through technology.

Todd is well versed with infrastructure hardware and software, and has considerable experience that
allows him to manage the entire spectrum of information technology operations.

Of course, technology's job is to help people, and Todd has worked with a multitude of diverse business sectors
and departments such as sales, HR, Marketing, and Accounting to accomplish corporate goals and objectives.
Todd knows that including the professionals from across an organization is important when developing and implementing technology plans. This ensures that every need is met and each arm of the organization is in partnership on the project.



Todd Stark's Work History

Technology Manager
Howard R. Green Company
9 years

- Provided Howard R. Green a highly available data infrastructure for efficient intra-office content collaboration for:
     - large CAD and GIS data sets
     - Client Portals
     - Data Base Administration
     - Wireless Business Solutions
     - Telephony
     - Aligning Business Strategies with Technology
     - Budgeting
     - Asset Inventory
     - Application Deployment and Training

- Managed a maintenance and support staff for 350 users throughout 11 offices in 6 states.

Systems Engineer

Networking Services, Inc.
3.5 years

- Responsible for providing NSI’s clients expertise in technology systems designing, implementation, support, planning and analysis.
- Committed to delivering clients technical expertise with extensive use and experience with Microsoft, Novell, Citrix and Cisco products.
- Accountable for the security and continuity for client data and technical infrastructure.
- Influence design, sales and deployment decisions with product research and evaluation.

Network Administrator
Iowa Electronics
7.8 years

- Responsible for the building/configuring of desktop computers, servers and super servers
- Principal constituent in infrastructure upgrades and developments for IE clients.
- Key component in designing and deploying local and wide area infrastructure.
- Liable for deployment, education and instruction of application and management software.
- Engineered and deployed network accounts and security.
- Accomplished for providing maintenance/technical support for all network related equipment.
- Managed/coordinated service department.



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